Water  Park Rules


2. This pool area is unsupervised;
3. Unsupervised children under 14 not allowed;
4. No glass containers, food or drink allowed near this pool;
5. No running;
6. No pushing or horseplay;
7. Proper swim attire is required; (we reserve the right to determine

    the appropriateness of swim attire)
8. No outside food or drink including alcohol allowed in water park;
9. First aid kit available at front desk and at posted locations in the pool area;
10. Emergency telephone location posted in pool area;
11. Swimmers will exit pool areas as directed by hotel staff;
12. Swimmers shall take a cleansing shower before and after using this pool; 
13. No recording devices permitted in water park and changeroom areas;
14. No person infected with a communicable disease or having open sores shall enter a pool

      or slide;
15. Do not use the pool in place of toilet facilities;
16. Not following above rules or inappropriate conduct will result in eviction from the water park.

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